Lesson Plan: Music Notes

Lesson Plan Title: My Music Notes

2nd Grade General Music Class

Developed by Me

Skill Objective

Note Reading

Identifying music note rhythms


Music Notes

What are music notes.

Skill Building

Sight Reading

Ability to know quickly how long a note is held.



Adding together the beats of music notes

Lesson Plan

(Would be spread out over several lessons)


  • Talk about why music notes are important. (Review)

  • With large flash cards, test the students to see if they know the names and note values of the whole note, half note, quarter note, eighth note, whole rest, half rest, quarter rest, and eighth rest. (Pre-Test)


  • Go over each of the notes again. (Skill Building)

    • Have students count out loud the number of beats for each note with you.

    • Have students clap (and hold) the number of beats for each note with you.

  • Written on poster board, have students look at Mary Had A Little Lamb, and identify the names of the notes in it.

    • Sing the song.

    • Have students clap the song while you sing and clap.

  • Give students a worksheet of music note ‘math’ problems. (Cross-Curriculum)


  • Go over worksheet in class.

  • Show students the flash cards again (Post-Test)

  • Sing song one last time, let students clap as well if they want to.

    • Teacher sings and claps

The Upgrades

The technologies that I will be integrating into this lesson plan are: SmartBoard, Clickers, WebSite


Objectives of the Technology

Software and Hardware Requirement

Skills Required

Reflection on the Technology

The Smartboard will set up group oriented ‘hands-on’ approach to the learning, enabling students to learn from their peers instead of learning from the teacher by rote. By being allowed to watch their peers do the matching with the interactive screen, attention will be more focused on the lesson. The Smartboard will also allow for a greater variety of activities to allow repeated teachings of the notes throughout the unit without it becoming redundant and boring, as well as make students use critical thinking skills, as well as learn group cooperation skills.

The Clickers will again add a level of interaction to help keep the attention of the students, while saving the teacher time with grading and evaluation. If a student proves to be too destructive to handle a clicker, then he or she will receive negative reinforcement by having the clicker be taken away.

The website will be a good way to evaluate students with a mix of modern and traditional methods. I would provide each of the students with a worksheet (listed in the Software and Hardware Requirements) and have them write down whether or not they believe that the rhythm is correct or not.

With all of these additions, what was at first a lesson that would soon become redundant and annoying to them is now able to be new and exciting as an entire unit. The skills gained by this unit will be invaluable to them as growing musicians.

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