Educational Technology Philosophy Statement

I strongly believe that technology is an incredible and nesessary asset to the classroom.  In today’s world, technology is around us from birth to death, and should not only be taught in schools but incorporated into lessons to help enhance the teaching and learning processes.  Computer games can be used at all ages to help learning, be it games such as Reader Rabbit, to The Oregon Trail, even to games such as SimCity that at first seems only to be fun, but teaches money management and critical thinking skills.

Incorporating technology into the classroom also provides educators with the chance to teach the same lesson in a variety of ways, helping students to learn the subject in ways that keep it fun and entertaining.  Movies can be used, PowerPoint, SmartBoard, Clickers, and potentially dozens of other forms of technology that are available today and will be developed in the near future.

Education needs to be a mix of the technology that exists today, and the more traditional forms so that students may learn how to incorporate technology into their lives, without letting it rule and decide their lives for them.  The negative side of technology is that the youth of today are used to being ‘spoon-fed’ everything in their life.  From their critical thinking skills (Calculators and other such programs) to their imagination (movies, video games), I believe that technology has left the human mind less to critically think about.  Taught properly, future generations will be able to utilize technology without sacrificing their common sense and intuition.

And so it is that I return to my origional statement.  I believe and fully support having and utilizing technology to the best of our ability in the classroom.

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